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Nested sections

Is it possible for sections to contain other sections? For example, I'd like to have a page with a sections_dropzone. Then I want to create a Container section to control layout/background properties. Then I want to create a Title section to drop into the container. Then I want to create a Media section to drop into the container. After some experimentation, I'm not sure this is possible OOTB. Thoughts?

How to change Logo

Hiya Is it possible to change the logo on the site? furthermore is it possible to change the ability to stop allowing users to create sites unless administrations?

Section blocks_display: tree and i18n

Hi. First, thanks for the awesome job you do with LocomotiveCMS! I'm building a new website using locomotive. It has the regular navigation header with some nested links. I could figure out how to nest menu items, but I think the docs could be improved in this topic. Anyway, my question is related with internationalisation. When defining a nested menu and deploying, only the first top items are showed in the secondary languages. For instance: If I'm creating this structure: - Features - Testimonials - Hosting - Personal - Freelancer - Agency - Enterprise - Documentation For the default language (EN) it seems right, both in the editor and the preview. But for the secondary language I'm only seeing this structure in the editor: - Features - Testimonials - Hosting - Documentation Because I don't understand the difference between global_content and default section's properties, I've been trying both with similar results. Can anyone help with that? Thanks!

Can I make a subscription-based website in locomotive?

I want to make my own custom subscription-based website in the future, and right now I'm just in the research phase on which method/software to use as I don't want to use woocomerse or teachable. Can I make a subscription-based website in locomotive?

Search among content_type entries

I've already read this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/5f4f4c6f7b7bb5002a75e8f5) which deals with site-wide search, and this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/574370bc6b0c5c0e00099b4d) which is talking about searching content entries in the Back Office. What I want to do is create a search form to filter content entries on the front end. I'm using the hosted version of Locomotive CMS. From what I can tell there is a site-wide search available but it requires an Angolia account (https://github.com/locomotivecms/search). I have found this GitHub thing (https://github.com/Papipo/locomotivecms-search) but I can't tell if this is something that I can use in the hosted version of Locomotive CMS.

how to set up custom domain for a website on a heroku-hosted locomotive

Hi, I just deployed my locomotive app successfully to heroku (using mongoDB Atlas instead of mLab since it's not available anymore). I was wondering how to set up a custom domain for a specific website and I found some answers [here](https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/domains), but unfortunatly it uses a IP redirection to work, and it seems to me that free heroku-hosted app have no static IP addresses. So the proposed solution does not seem to work in that case. Am I wrong ? If so, can you help me ? Thanks, Grégoire

How to use select type for section settings

It is written [here](https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/json-definition#setting-types) that it is possible to set up a select type for a section setting. I'm trying to use it but it is not specified how to define the select options. Given [this code](https://github.com/locomotivecms/engine/blob/c83a72755ab4da55c7749cacf9cdc749f7e7fce9/app/javascript/src/locomotive/editor/inputs/select.js#L16) it seemed that I had to use an `options` array attribute so i set it up like that : ``` - label: Afficher id: display type: select options: - value: 'tout le monde' - value: 'en activité' - value: 'plus en activité' ``` This is almost working : In the UI editor I see a 3 options select list, but the values i set up are not displayed. Can you please telle me how to make it work ? Thanks !

block_display: tree not working

I tried to implement a menu section as suggested [here](https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/603f8aa0a0b7aa004f7bb65a). I'm using the attribute `blocks_display: tree` for the section, but it does not seem to work. The list of blocks in the editor UI is still linear and does not look like a tree. I can't even access any of the blocks I created inside my liquid template using `section.blocks_as_tree`. `section.blocks` seems to work. Can somebody give me an example of a working section using `blocks_display: tree` ? Or maybe i understood something wrong ? Thanks !

Is it possible to use dragonfly with any command ?

Hi, I'd like to use an imagemagick command converting some of my images to duotone color space. The Imagemagick command that works for that is this one : `magick convert image.png -colorspace gray -level +10% +level-colors '#FF002E','#FFF59B' image_duotone.png` That works fine locally as a command line. I'd like to know how to use it in my code to apply the filter to images on the fly. Is there a tag that allow to pass any command to DragonFly and imageMagick ? I see the "resize" tag but it seems really specific Thanks !

link_to single page not working

Hi, I'm trying to use the [link_to liquid tag](https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/tags#link_to). The doc makes it seem very simple, but I just can't manage to make it work. I have a page called "ecosysteme" (that's its slug and handle) and i simply wrote : ``` {% link_to ecosysteme %} ``` According to the doc this should generate something like `<a href="/path/to/ecosysteme">Écosystème</a> ` but nothing is displayed when i use it. What have I done wrong ?

How wan i edit content types fields names

Hi, I just changed a field name of one of my content types from "location_name" to "name". I also changed every reference to "location_name" in the others files, and especially in data files, to avoid issues. Nevertheless when i try to deploy my site locally this error show up : ` Resource invalid: entries_custom_fields is invalid, #0: Label is already taken` The error seems to alert about the label attribute of the field, as if it was trying to create a new field instead of overwriting the existing one. If it's the case it makes sense that there is a conflict with the already existing field with the same attributes. But it seems really strange to me not to be able to edit fields in some files without breaking everything...

how to add anchor links in menu

My pages include multiple sections that i'd like to reference in the menu as sub-links (anchor links, with #) of the pages links. Example : I have a "Home" Page with 3 sections with ids "section-1", "section-2" and "section-3". In the menu I display the main "Home" link and when hovering this link i'd like to display 3 anchor links to go directly to the corresponding sections. Is it possible ? The "page" liquid drop doesn't seem to include the page content of sections, so I wonder how to achieve this. Thanks ! Grégoire

Can't install last version of Wagon. Only v.1.5.8 seems installable

Hi, I'm struggling at the very beggining of the "Quick Start" Guide, as I simply cannot install the latest version of wagon (3.0.5 at the time i'm writing this). I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 and I installed ruby following this guide : https://gorails.com/setup/ubuntu/20.04 Then I try to install wagon using gem install locomotivecms_wagon but it installs the version 1.5.8. So I try forcing the latest version using gem install locomotivecms_wagon -v 3.0.5 but i got the following error : ERROR: While executing gem ... (NoMethodError) undefined method `request' for nil:NilClass Can somebody help me here ? I really don't understand what's going on. I never experienced such issues with other standalone gem installations. Thanks a lot, Grégoire

List pages in menu vs sitemap.xml

Since v3 or v4 sitemap.xml is populated by pages which are tagged as "listed". In previous version we used to use this attribute to know if the page should be listed in the menu or not. But now we would like to send to sitemap all pages and keep using "listed" for our menu. Is it possible to add a new attribute to split these functionality from the dashboard ?

Forcing site-goers to login, question

Hello, I'm an admin trying to debug something going on the locomotive CMS for a client. The issue I'm facing is that after clicking a link on the preview/mysite, it redirects to the login screen for https://station.locomotive.works/_app/sign_in All of the pages' published status is set to "published" in the CMS so I'm really not sure why this behaviour is occuring. I would like to take the site live (point the domain to locomotive), but I'm not sure if the behaviour would carry over, and if it does that would be a significant problem. I would be happy to provide the exact website in an e-mail, but let me know if this behaviour is intended across your hosted sites, or might be case-specific to my site for some reason. Thank you

Resetting site content to default

I have noticed that whenever I change default values in a section or config files like translations.yml then "wagon deploy" to my site, the values on the site do not change. This makes sense from a content management standpoint, but there are times where it would be convenient to forcibly reset these values. For example, I recently changed a large number of translations in my yml file, and it would be a chore to go through and update them all by hand in the back office. Is there any way to force the site to revert to the default values? I would like to be able to reset, for instance, just one page or just the translations without nuking the whole site.

Any way to delete a section?

I'm trying to delete a section. I've made some breaking changes (e.g. changing block types, etc) and want delete the section and re-deploy. I tried running `bundle exec wagon delete staging -r sections -v` but received a garbled error message including the following: *"Resource must be one of page,content_type,snippet,translation if you pass an identifier OR be one of content_types,snippets,theme_assets,translations if you want to delete all the items of that resource. (ArgumentError)"* Is it possible to delete a section?

Any way to delete an asset from a metafield type: image field?

I've set up a number of metafields with `type: image`. They work as expected. However, if I add an image to a particular field and then decide I no longer want an image applied to that field, there is no way to delete the image. I can delete the image from the Assets section of the Admin panel ("Back Office") but what if I don't want to do that? What if I want to retain the image to use elsewhere but simply don't want it applied to my metafield? There doesn't appear to be a solution at this point.

Search possibility

Hello, I'm looking for adding search functionality to the site. I can't find any information in the docs. Can someone help me to understand if it's possible?

How can I handle an "model_form" AJAX response?

The guide [Create a contact form][1] briefly mentions that you can use the JSON API by adding `json: true` to the options. It gives an example response, but not much more than that. In my option the guide is missing some key information. It doesn't tell me if I am responsible for making the request via JavaScript or if the Rails or LocomotiveCMS is doing this for me. If the latter is the case it should also describe how to handle the response. Eg. What event should callbacks be attached to? I'd like to submit some data via an AJAX request but am currently unsure how to do this. I'd like to know the two things mentioned above. 1. Must I initiate the AJAX request myself or is this done by the framework/CMS? 2. If I don't have to initiate the request, how do I attach a callback to handle the response? [1]: https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/create-a-contact-form#notes