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Content entry list is empty with scope on a localized page


I think I found another bug on engine-side.
I have many "events" which are grouped by "country" field.

  • country:
    label: Country
    type: select
    required: true
    hint: Explanatory text displayed in the back office
    localized: false
    select_options: ['HUN', 'IND']

I have two locales: 'en' (default) and 'hu'. If I switch to 'hu', the scoped list items are empty:

{% with_scope country: 'HUN' %}
{% for event in contents.events %}
{% endfor %}
{% endwith_scope %}

Everything works correctly (scoped events are displayed on both locales) in wagon project. If I remove the scope, it will work on engine-side too. (and all of the "events" will be listed)


(PS: If you would like to see the full example I will share my code.)