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Search among content_type entries

I've already read this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/5f4f4c6f7b7bb5002a75e8f5) which deals with site-wide search, and this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/574370bc6b0c5c0e00099b4d) which is talking about searching content entries in the Back Office.

What I want to do is create a search form to filter content entries on the front end. I'm using the hosted version of Locomotive CMS. From what I can tell there is a site-wide search available but it requires an Angolia account (https://github.com/locomotivecms/search).

I have found this GitHub thing (https://github.com/Papipo/locomotivecms-search) but I can't tell if this is something that I can use in the hosted version of Locomotive CMS.