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Not syncs content_entries

When I do sync from production it just text Syncing ContentEntries and thats all.

New language added not showing content from English version

Hi. So we added Polish to our site and by default there is no translations or localising of the content in the models, it is just meant to show the English version. But adding the language, it doesn't show any of its content even after using the Wagon back office to re-save it for Polish. There are plans for future languages to be added and deleting, re-adding all of the content in the models isn't a good solution. Currently the only similarities between the pages is that both uses type: select for filtering content. The content type which is one of the two that is having problems. - tutorial_type: label: Type type: select select_options: ['Video', 'Written'] {% with_scope tutorial_type: 'Written', order_by: 'data_added.desc' %} This is the code that is used to choose which content is shown and is ordered. Is there a setting that might have been missed in the Wagon or something that can be set in the code?

Is there a way to shorten urls of filtered images ?

Hi, I use the imagemagick filters to edit images on the fly on my website. The urls generated for these filtered images are very long, like in : `/steam/dynamic/W1siZmYiLCIvaG9tZS9ib2xvc3MvbG9jb21vdGl2ZS9wdWJsaWMvc2l0ZXMvNjA4MmFiZTI3NGZlNzIwNmFlMjE4N2I2L2Fzc2V0cy82MDgyYWM1MDc0ZmU3MjA2YWUyMTg3ZjQvV2ViXzE5MjBfLV8xLWltYWdlLTEucG5nIl0sWyJwIiwidGh1bWIiLCIyMDAwMDB4PiJdLFsicCIsImNvbnZlcnQiLCIrcHJvZmlsZSAnKicgLW1vZHVsYXRlIDEwMCwwIC1zaXplIDI1NngxISBncmFkaWVudDojRkYwMDJFLSNGRkY1OUIgLWNsdXQiXV0/a021273a9e4f1a38/Web_1920_-_1-image-1.png ` My client would like to shorten it. Do you know a simple way to do that ? Or should I use a javascript library to achieve that ? Thanks, Grégoire

is there a way to set up a download zone ?

Hi, I'm trying to set up a download zone in a website, aka a kind of list of files that users can download by clicking on it. I tried to use the `asset_picker` setting type on a section as defined here : https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/json-definition#setting-types But I got this message when trying to push it : ```Resource invalid: definition The property '#/blocks/0/settings/0/type' value "asset_picker" did not match one of the following values: text, image_picker, checkbox, select, url, radio, content_type, hint, integer``` How would you achieve that in that case ? Anyway, I think it would be great to update your doc if there is no more `asset_picker` type. Thanks ! Grégoire

unique / required bug when empty

I have a content_type `people` with an attribute `email` set like this : ``` - email: label: Email type: string required: false hint: Email / contact de la personne localized: false group: Attributs unique: true ``` The issue (which I think is an actual bug) is that, as it is not required, editors sometimes leave it blank, but as it should be unique, it does not work for more than one person. In my opinion, when required is false and unique is true, the uniqueness should only be verified when the attribute is not blank.

What is super_admin?

I noticed that in the Mongo collection 'locomotive_accounts' the user has a 'super_admin' field. But I didn't find any information about it.

Browser is not updating after filechange

Hi, I am a developer and new to LocomotiveCMS. I installed ruby 2.7.2, wagon 3.0.3 and 'wagon serve' is working. After updating a file : index.liquid I see a message in my terminal: ``` service=listen action=reload resource=pages timestamp=2022-01-22 11:25:09 +0100 ``` So it is recognized that a file has changed. But my browser is not reloading the page. I tried it on MacOS and on a ubuntu system. In both cases auto reloading is not working in the browser. What am I doing wrong? Should i install extra libs or software? Hope someone can help me. Best regards, Martijn Dekker

How to integrate with my existing rails app?

I would want to know how to integrate locomotiveCMS with and existing Rails app. How can I call an existing rails app service wich loads products from db an show in a locomotive page? How can I use my existing models in a locomotive install? Sorry, but I can't find such information in the docs. Thanks in advance!

Comment gérer les espaces insécables dans les paragraphes

J'aimerais arriver à gérer correctement les espaces insécables dans les paragraphes rédigés par les utilisateurs, notamment pour éviter les retours à la ligne avant une ponctuation. Une solution pour cela est d'utiliser   , mais son utilisation dans l'éditeur rich text ne fonctionne pas et affiche littéralement " ". Est-ce que vous voyez un moyen simple de gérer cela ? Via un script javascript ? Via un bouton dans l'éditeur rich text qui permettrait d'insérer un espace insécable ? Merci d'avance, Grégoire