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Pourquoi les éditeurs html (rich text) sont différent pour les content_types et pour les éléments des sections ?

Bonjour, J'ai remarqué que l'éditeur "rich text" n'est pas le même quand il s'agit d'un élément à modifier dans les content_types et dans un élément d'une section. Pour un content_type, la définition ressemble à cela : ``` - description: # The lowercase, underscored name of the field label: Description # Human readable name of the field type: text text_formatting: html # html (uses rich text editor), markdown or text (uses plain text editor) ``` Pour un élément (bloc) d'une section, la définition est légèrement différente : ``` - label: Paragraphe id: paragraph type: text html: true line_break: true ``` Pour autant, le rendu dans l'interface d'admin n'est pas le même : l'éditeur html des content_type inclut notamment les boutons d'alignement du texte et de listes alors que l'autre est vraiment basique et permet uniquement le gras, italique, souligné, barré et l'insertion de liens. Mon client désirant pouvoir centrer ou justifier les textes de ses pages, je me suis vu obligé d'ajouter une checkbox dessous lui permettant de décider de centrer ou justifier son paragraphe. J'aimerais beaucoup éviter ce "monkeypatch", qui m'oblige à ajouter cette checkbox sous chaque élément de type text html dans mes sections.. Est-ce possible ? Merci, Grégoire

Organizing Folder Structure

Anybody know how I can organize my file system better than having all the sections in the folder app/views/sections (i.e. split into multiple folders like: app/views/sections/folder1 && app/views/sections/folder2) When I put my sections into different folders, those sections don't show up in the User Interface

Using variable into section set up

Hi everybody, I use a text_color section setting as select in all my sections. To avoid writing the same c olors array in every section, i have created a variable to store all the custom colors, now I need to use this variable in section settings like this ` { "label": "Theme color", "id": "theme_color", "type": "select", "options": colorsSpectre }` but it's not working. How can I do it? Thank you for advance

Support for IPV6 web adresses

Is there any possibility to get the hosted page running on IPV6? I found nothing in the documentation?

Nested sections

Is it possible for sections to contain other sections? For example, I'd like to have a page with a sections_dropzone. Then I want to create a Container section to control layout/background properties. Then I want to create a Title section to drop into the container. Then I want to create a Media section to drop into the container. After some experimentation, I'm not sure this is possible OOTB. Thoughts?

How to change Logo

Hiya Is it possible to change the logo on the site? furthermore is it possible to change the ability to stop allowing users to create sites unless administrations?

Section blocks_display: tree and i18n

Hi. First, thanks for the awesome job you do with LocomotiveCMS! I'm building a new website using locomotive. It has the regular navigation header with some nested links. I could figure out how to nest menu items, but I think the docs could be improved in this topic. Anyway, my question is related with internationalisation. When defining a nested menu and deploying, only the first top items are showed in the secondary languages. For instance: If I'm creating this structure: - Features - Testimonials - Hosting - Personal - Freelancer - Agency - Enterprise - Documentation For the default language (EN) it seems right, both in the editor and the preview. But for the secondary language I'm only seeing this structure in the editor: - Features - Testimonials - Hosting - Documentation Because I don't understand the difference between global_content and default section's properties, I've been trying both with similar results. Can anyone help with that? Thanks!

Can I make a subscription-based website in locomotive?

I want to make my own custom subscription-based website in the future, and right now I'm just in the research phase on which method/software to use as I don't want to use woocomerse or teachable. Can I make a subscription-based website in locomotive?

Search among content_type entries

I've already read this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/5f4f4c6f7b7bb5002a75e8f5) which deals with site-wide search, and this question (https://doc.locomotivecms.com/discuss/574370bc6b0c5c0e00099b4d) which is talking about searching content entries in the Back Office. What I want to do is create a search form to filter content entries on the front end. I'm using the hosted version of Locomotive CMS. From what I can tell there is a site-wide search available but it requires an Angolia account (https://github.com/locomotivecms/search). I have found this GitHub thing (https://github.com/Papipo/locomotivecms-search) but I can't tell if this is something that I can use in the hosted version of Locomotive CMS.

How to use select type for section settings

It is written [here](https://doc.locomotivecms.com/docs/json-definition#setting-types) that it is possible to set up a select type for a section setting. I'm trying to use it but it is not specified how to define the select options. Given [this code](https://github.com/locomotivecms/engine/blob/c83a72755ab4da55c7749cacf9cdc749f7e7fce9/app/javascript/src/locomotive/editor/inputs/select.js#L16) it seemed that I had to use an `options` array attribute so i set it up like that : ``` - label: Afficher id: display type: select options: - value: 'tout le monde' - value: 'en activité' - value: 'plus en activité' ``` This is almost working : In the UI editor I see a 3 options select list, but the values i set up are not displayed. Can you please telle me how to make it work ? Thanks !