This functionality is only available in Locomotive 3.3 and Wagon 2.3.

**Authentication** is a built-in functionality which allows to build private access sections within your Locomotive site.

Here is a quick example. You built a beautiful site for a lawyer company and now they're asking for a protected section where partners could download fancy Excel/PDF files. You could achieve this with the session liquid tag and a members content type. However, this solution presents some flaws. First the password would be stored in clear in Locomotive which is a security issue. Then you couldn't help your clients to reset their forgotten password by sending instructions by email the way [Devise](🔗) does.

The authentication built-in functionality provides the following features:

  • sign up / sign in / sign out actions

  • email instructions action to reset password (the email is a locomotive page)

  • reset password action

  • encrypted password

  • authentication views in Liquid

Wagon authentication demo site

We built a simple Wagon site which includes all the features listed above. [Click here](🔗) to see the code source.