Wagon embeds a web server to preview your local site.

## Usage

If you want to enable the **live reload** feature, you have to:

1/ Add the guard-livereload gem to your Gemfile OR uncomment the line:

2/ Install the gem:

3/ Launch Guard

Make sure you've got the **Guardfile** file at the root of your Wagon site.

## Options

-h, [--host=HOST]The host (address) of the Thin web server. Default:
-p, [--port=PORT]The port of the Thin server Default: 3333
-d, [--daemonize], [--no-daemonize]Run daemonized Thin server in the background
-l, [--live-reload-port=LIVE_RELOAD_PORT]The port the LiveReload javascript lib needs to listen for changes (35729 by default) Default: 35729
-f, [--force]Stop the current daemonized Thin server if found before starting a new one.

## Examples