## Features / Improvements

  • Rails 4.2.x!

  • brand new content editing experience. AlohaEditor and TinyMCE were dropped an replaced by [Wysihtml](🔗) with a new system to edit the content and see the changes in live.

  • new caching system.

  • introduce layouts for pages. If an editor wants to create a page, he/she can choose among layouts defined by the developer of the site.

  • site dashboard tracking the activities of all the editors of a site.

  • the subject of the notification email sent when a content entry is created in the public site can be modified.

  • markdown editor for editable text elements in a page and text fields of a content entry.

  • allow defining url 301 redirections per site.

  • implement the color custom field for content entries.

  • support for MongoDB 3.0.

  • manage translations of the back-office via Transifex.

  • option to redirect domains to the first main domain.

  • new Locomotive Ruby API client lib named [Coal](🔗).

  • developer tab per site describing how to use Wagon and the Restful API for the site.

  • protect a whole site by a password.

  • the editable_file liquid tag accepts now a resize option for resizing/cropping images.

  • the translate liquid tag supports interpolation and pluralization.

## Refactoring

  • brand new UI/UX

  • the back-office UI relies on [Bootstrap](🔗), the most popular and powerful HTML/CSS framework.

  • upgrade to the last versions of the main gems: **Rails** (4.2.5), **Mongoid** (5.0.1), **Devise**, **SimpleForm**, **Carrierwave**, ...etc.

  • do not rely on subdomains anymore for the multi-sites functionality. Format of the url for the back-office of a site: http://myengine/locomotive/<site handle>.

  • the page rendering engine has been extracted to its own gem: [Steam](🔗). Both Wagon and Engine uses Steam.

  • drop CanCan and replace it by [Pundit](🔗)

  • replace HAML by SLIM for the back-office views for performance

## Issues solved

You can find most of them here: [Github issues](🔗)