When you host all your sites developed with Wagon to the same remote Locomotive platform, it becomes painful to enter your platform credentials in the ** config/deploy.yml** file of your new site again and again.

That's why we developed the **auth** command. Log in once and deploy your new sites without creating them manually on your remote back-office.

You will be asked for 3 information:

  • the host of your platform running Locomotive Engine (ex: http://station.locomotive.works)

  • your email

  • your password

Your credentials are stored in the ~/.netrc file.

You can also run the command with arguments like this:

So, now, when you deploy your new Wagon site for the first time, you just need to run the usual deploy command.

Once you answer the platform host question, it creates a new entry named **myenv** in your config/deploy.yml file. You could have replaced **myenv** by whatever name fits your context (production, staging, development, ...etc).

Default platform URL when deploying

You can change the default value by assigning a value to the **LOCOMOTIVE_PLATFORM_URL** environment shell variable. Example: `export LOCOMOTIVE_PLATFORM_URL=http://mylocomotiveengine.com`