This guide will help you to hide your site behind a password to prevent public access.

## Use the default lock-screen

Open the Locomotive back-office for your site and click on the **General Settings** tab in the left sidebar.

Then, click on **Access Points**, you should see the following screen.


Now, toggle the **ENABLE PASSWORD-PROTECTION** switch on **YES** and fill the password input in the field below switch.

**Don't forget** to save your modifications.


If you now try to browse your site from the preview url **AND** without being authenticated in the back-office, you should see the following screen.


## Build your own lock-screen page

Inside your Wagon site, at the root of the page folder (**app/views/pages**), create a new page called **lock-screen.liquid**. Fill it in with the following code:

If you want to test it with Wagon. Open your **config/site.yml** file and add the following lines in the YAML file:

The private_access and password properties won't never be deployed.

Now, open your browser at, you should see this screen.


Finally, deploy your modifications and you're done!