A snippet is a part of a website which will be re-used in multiple pages. Snippets reduce code duplication.

## Reusable code: snippets

Let's create a sidebar snippet. Use the command line generator to create a snippet:

You will be asked if you prefer HAML template: if you're not familiar with HAML, answer 'n'.

You will also be asked if you want a localized template: answer 'n'.

A snippet file will be created.

In sidebar.liquid:

Including the sidebar in a template:

Editable elements inside snippets

It is possible to use `editable_text` or any other editable elements inside snippets but you need to wrap them inside a block in order to make them display properly in the engine.

In this example we would wrap the sidebar code inside the `{% block 'sidebar' %}`.

Learn more:

  • [include tag documentation](🔗)