version 3.1

Find all the commits here:

Features / Improvements

  • site metafields (See our guide about it)
  • the site handle property can be modified in the back-office (only for administrators)
  • warn editors before leaving a page / form with unsaved changes
  • new UI for the sidebar
  • default value for a content type field (github issue here
  • new translations for the back-office: Chinese, Russian, Lithuanian, Brazilian and French.
  • new editable_text option: inline which forces the RTE to use P tags for new lines if the inline parameter is false (more information here)
  • localization of site seo fields
  • the path_to liquid tag accepts variables in the options
  • new liquid filters: shuffle (randomly sort an array), human_size (format nicely the size of a file)
  • allow content entry file field type to access the size of the file
  • render the site from any bound hostname (WAGON)


  • sidebar and navigation revamped with improved models and pages
  • moved page editor to left side

Issues solved

  • fix a couple of bugs about the RTE component
  • remove media from the list of static folders
  • fix the bug preventing the groupby method of the content entry liquid drop to work select_options of a content type field were not liquified do not apply locale_redirection if sitemap.xml is requested fix the previous next feature for content entries page wouldn't render if nav tag used with snippet option Wagon doesn't stop the whole site deployment if a JS/CSS can't be minified. fix a bunch of issues when pulling a site create log folder for each new site (WAGON)