Backup a site

This command allows you to retrieve a wagon site from a hosted location (a Locomotive engine).


wagon backup NAME HOST


The backup command doesn't retrieve the HAML, SASS, SCSS, Less or Coffeescript files but only their compiled versions.


-h, [--handle=HANDLE]Handle of your site.
-e, [--email=EMAIL]Email of an administrator / designer account.
-p, [--password=PASSWORD]Password of an administrator / designer account (use api_key instead for security reasons).
-a, [--api-key=API_KEY]Api key of an administrator / designer account.
-v, [--verbose], [--no-verbose]Display the full error stack trace if an error occurs.


wagon backup mysite -h acme -e [email protected] -a 373e4330e47d6875969999caa4e6b174428b9a1df