Synchronize content


This command has now a different behavior than in Wagon v2.x

It can be very convenient to get locally in Wagon the content the editors added from the Locomotive back-office.


The following command will fetch all the content (sections, content entries and translations) from a remote LocomotiveCMS environment.


This command won't erase your local content unlike the previous version of the command

wagon sync ENV

To see locally the content fetched from the env, you need to pass the env to the wagon serve command like this:

wagon serve -e ENV


-r, [--resources=one two three]Only pull the resource(s) passed (pages, content_entries, translations) in argument
-v, [--verbose], [--no-verbose]Display the full error stack trace if an error occurs
--no-verboseDisplay no error if an error occurs


wagon sync live
wagon serve -e live
wagon sync staging -r content_entries translations -v
wagon serve -e staging