When you host all your sites developed with Wagon to the same remote Locomotive platform, it becomes painful to enter your platform credentials in the config/deploy.yml file of your new site again and again.

That's why we developed the auth command. Log in once and deploy your new sites without creating them manually on your remote back-office.

wagon auth

You will be asked for 3 information:


Your credentials are stored in the ~/.netrc file.

You can also run the command with arguments like this:

wagon auth [email protected] yourpassword

So, now, when you deploy your new Wagon site for the first time, you just need to run the usual deploy command.

bundle exec wagon deploy myenv

Once you answer the platform host question, it creates a new entry named myenv in your config/deploy.yml file. You could have replaced myenv by whatever name fits your context (production, staging, development, ...etc).


Default platform URL when deploying

You can change the default value by assigning a value to the LOCOMOTIVE_PLATFORM_URL environment shell variable. Example: