Authentication is a built-in feature which allows to build private access areas within your Locomotive CMS site.

Consider the following scenario: you have built a beautiful site for a law firm and now they're asking for a password-protected area where partners can download fancy Excel/PDF files. You could achieve this with session variables and a members content type. However, this solution presents some issues:

  • member passwords would be stored in plain text in the Back Office which is a security problem
  • you couldn't help your members to reset their forgotten password by sending instructions by email

Locomotive CMS' Authentication built-in functionality provides the following features:

  • sign up / sign in / sign out actions
  • email instructions action to reset password (including customisable email template page)
  • reset password action
  • encrypted password
  • authentication views in Liquid


Wagon authentication demo site

We built a simple Wagon site which includes all the features listed above. Click here to see the code source.