version 3.2

Find all the commits here:

Features / Improvements

  • Actions API. Documentation here
  • [Steam] Public forms handle file inputs
  • [RTE] allow the editors to add an alt attribute for an image
  • [RTE] Allow custom id and class attributes to main html tags
  • add new languages: Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian
  • the with_scope liquid tag accepts a slug if querying a belongs_to field
  • improve resize syntax. Commit here
  • add request referer to global drop. PR here
  • add option for Authorization header in consume tag. PR here

Issues solved

  • can empty url redirections from the back-office
  • Unable to pull/sync due to undefined method 'force_encoding' for hash datatype. #305
  • [Security] the title of pages is vulnerable to Stored XSS #1163
  • [RTE] content of iframe cleared. #1153
  • the sidebar was not correctly cached
  • do not enable live_editing when previewing a json or xml page
  • do not remove orphaned editable elements anymore
  • unpublished pages were still visible. #1155
  • Sitemap.xml is returning elements that are not translated. #71
  • select fields were not playing well with localization #1151